Remember to complete the course self-assessment form, and hand in your portfolios no later than June 20, the last day of classes before exams.


IP30 – June 18 (pm): Count down commences


Focus on the specific task you are working on. Remember, you have never known as much as you do at this moment, or had as much skill in communicating with others and processing digital information.

That’s pretty deep for a Monday. At least I waited until the afternoon class.

Did I mention that the portfolios are due Wednesday June 20? Make sure your name is clearly indicated on the cover, please.

IP30 – June 18 (the count down is about to begin)

After the morning period, there are 3 full periods left (the Wednesday June 20 period will be a half period due to the Awards Assembly scheduled for 11:15.

 No final major project, not final exam. Just you, your work in class, and your portfolio.

-Mr. Stinson

IP30 – June 12-13

We continued working on projects and building your portfolio.

Re: A “traditional” blog posting (non-academic?)

Wow, that was a bit difficult.

I may have broken a blog rule by posting this message over a previous one, however, the blog is only a tool, and I shall use it how I see fit.

I am back to musing about individual goals for the course; I hope you have them. If you need to talk to me about them due to concerns about this or other course loads, please see me today, if not to help you make a decision, just to keep me in the know, you know?

In other news, you’re breaking new ground every day with these projects. Good stuff. I hope you’re getting as much out of the process as I am. And in other good news, the printer is working, so let’s get those portfolios up to date!

Thanks guys,

-Mr. Stinson

IP30 – June 11: OS is back

It was good to have James from YouthBuild back one last time, who made us dust off the old computers you had dissambled and reassembled, and see if they would come back to life. I found out at the end that he didn’t get the funding to work with us, but wanted to come anyway on his own time.

I was impressed with the problem solving that I saw over and over again as you worked to get a working computer, then get the operating system installed, and finally to begin finding and installing the driver software that would make it possible for the computer to access the internet.

I hope you remembered to record a log entry at the very least, although for this task it might be more useful and appropriate to also write a short journal-style entry on the process you went through and think about what benefit you can keep from it. If you do, email me a copy, and include one in your portfolio.

IP30 – June 8: Image Processing Activities

 A number of you have completed the word processing and spreadsheet modules, and have begun working on activities involving the processing of digital images. Please see Mr. Stinson for more details. For those of you who are working on yearbook pages of events that have recently concluded or will soon be done, make time for the layout, uploading of images, and write-ups so those can be wrapped up before final exams.

IP30 – June 5: Online module work

Continue working on the online modules. A number of you have finished the word processing and spreadsheet module activities; Be sure to print out your results AND your “beta-testing” (your comments on the activities, including feedback on specific areas that worked well as well as those that you have suggestions for improvement).

IP30 – June 4: Blog Hi-jacked by Staff

trail.jpgIP30 students will have to forgive me for using this space to share some things with the staff. This space will be back to being devoted to all things IP on June 5.

1) Environmental Education Highlights

2) Technology to Share